Rozemarlin Borkent (born 1987) is an artist based in The Netherlands, graduated from the KABK, Royal Academy of Visual Arts in The Hague. She grew up with her grandmother and family in a house next to the beach, the endless space worked as a fresh canvas for her so she could dream away in her own world.
Her parents had books about different religions, art and philosophy. Rozemarlin was inspired by the beauty of the variety of different people and their views on the world. 

In her work she attempts to transcend the transient nature of life by immortalizing the soul of humanity. To this end she uses digital techniques to merge and manipulate images of persons that are from entirely different eras, different ages and may even be artificial. This mixture of distinctly contrasting time and reality dimensions results in images of humans with an exceptional beauty, exalted to icons. 

Her work displays the universal beauty of humanity that can be found in people from different cultures and backgrounds, and shows that our differences should be highlighted as stunning rather than be judged. 
She aims to portray humanity in a beautiful, unique and dignified way, to let people experience the beauty of diversity and connect with each other.

Expositions & Features

Vogue Italia – Works published on PhotoVogue ‘Best Of’, 2021/2022.
KPMG – Multiple works rented out continuously, Oct 2013 – Oct 2019.
SBK/Gallery 23 – Exhibition, April – May 2014.
ArtOlive – Young Talent, 2013.
Dutch Royal Academy of Art – Graduation Show, 2013.
The Regent Room – Pre Exam Exhibition, The Hague, 2012.
Diligentia Theater – Awarded the Diligentia price, The Hague, 2010.